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As children grow older, they also grow in strength, coordination and understanding. This allows them to physically perform motor skills with increasingly better control. With this in mind, realise that in every group there are those whose motor skills are slow to develop, as well as, those who have natural talent for sports and excel early and quickly. Identifying where your students are in ability and age, and knowing what can reasonably be expected, will help you in setting appropriate expectations that challenge rather than frustrate the student.

In addition, the research today suggests that the differences in motor skill abilities between boys and girls can be linked to the different expectations and different opportunities each has encountered. With the increase in popularity and available sports opportunities for girls, similar expectations can now be applied to both boys and girls in early and middle childhood.

The below is a reference point for general age characteristics and baseline skill expectations for children playing GOLF: -

Kids Golf ages 5 to 12 hong kong

Aged 5 - 7


Role of the


Short attention span

Limit instructions to 3-5 minutes. Start quickly

Like to play games, activities they know and like

Provide activity more than once

Large muscle control is not developed. Strength and stamina is limited

Offer periodic breaks

Need activities/demonstrations that help improve understanding of spatial awareness and safety zones for swinging clubs

Emphasize HOOP CLOCKS and Boundaries – Safety first!

Very individualistic and “I” centered

Emphasize sharing, taking turns and gracious winning and losing. This decreases as students approach age eight

Noisy and want attention

Use positive praise and reinforcement

Hand-eye coordination is just beginning

Make it east to hit targets have lots of fun!



Can demonstrate proper “HOLD” using modified golf clubs
Can demonstrate the process of the 4 swing patterns, Roll, Chip, Pitch and Launch
Understands the objective of golf is about hitting targets
REWARD for the process is more important at this stage.
*NOTE – Control of distance and force is inconsistent at this age! The execution of each swing may be awkward and inconsistent until age 8 onwards where it will become more smoother with repetition and training.


Able to swing in circular motion
Able to set-up the ball and follow all 4 swing patterns
Able to throw the ball at targets
Able to hit targets within 10 feet (Maximum 30 feet)

kids golf ages 8 to 12 hong kong

Aged 8 - 12


Role of the


Attention span increasing

Increase the amount and depth of instruction

Large muscle control improving

Continue to refine skill execution and stress fundamentals

High interest in sports and enjoys challenges

Introduce competition in drills

Social skills growing

Stress playing by the rules and consideration for others

Extremely vulnerable

Always use positive praise and encouragement

Continue to increase expectations of skill execution and results

Record skill based drills and track improvements



Can demonstrate proper grip and understands grip pressure of the golf club
Understand the proper stance and set-up when addressing the golf ball
Has a solid foundation in the short game first then working into the long game
Understands the basic rules of golf


Increases ability to control the force, distance and ball trajectory
Developing golf hand-eye coordination to strike the ball consistently
Able to hit targets within 25 feet onwards

kids golf life skills hong kong

“GOLF is the closest game to the game we call life. You get bad breaks from good shots; you get good breaks from bad shots-but you have to play the ball where it lies.”

-Bobby Jones

In order to lead a healthy, balanced life we must practice “LIFE SKILLS” that help us to maintain that balance and quality. With such a parallel between the game of golf and game of life, it seems fitting to introduce the following skills to our students: -



Setting Boundaries

Safe Zones / In bounds and Out of bounds

Making Decisions

Target Orientation 

Resolving Conflict

Rules & Regulations

Coping with Stress

Shot accuracy &
Tournament Play

Obtaining Help

Role of the Coach, Caddie & Manager

Setting Goals

Increasing skills, better scoring and better tournament play

As these skills are practiced throughout our lives we can learn to protect our individual rights while taking responsibility for our actions. It is also important that children are taught these skills so that they may discover how each one can be used in a variety of circumstances they face each day; at home and school, during sports and play, and while interacting with family and friends. As each child moves through life they take control of and responsibility for their choices and behaviours more and more. In this process it is necessary to develop valuable and necessary strategies to continue toward growth and maturity.

Each of the above LIFE SKILLS will be presented, in progressive order, a lesson with practice activities. Through discussion, demonstrations from the coaches and role-play, children can gain a practical understanding of each skill and how to adopt them into their lives.

Our purpose is to EMPOWER students to learn and use the LIFE SKILLS they will need to grow into emotionally healthy and responsible adults.

Expectation of our COACHING STAFF


-Always be encouraging
-Always have a lesson plan
-Always be respectful to the students and to the game of golf
-Establish RULES to each lesson and emphasize discipline to the students
-Be a role model


-Obey our whistle commands
-Respect our equipment
-Stay in assigned boundaries (Safety First)
-Participate without interfering with others  






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